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MonsterSoftwareYazılım (MSY) Software Non Profit
A collection of Free Software.


MSY Formation is completely non-profit and users
He lives With their Donations to their Requests. MSY in the formation of Your
Programs are offered at the http://monstersoftware.clan.su/is published and by passing Us tastes Also
How much can be detected by people Downloading Time. And the top 5 will be added to the list of Programmer.

GNU-Free Software?

This free software definition, among the conditions of a specific software as free software to clearly demonstrate. Occasionally revise this definition to bring clarity. If you want to browse through our changes, please see the following for more information on the Records.

"Free software" is a matter of freedom, price değil1.

The concept of free software, the software users, run, copy, distribute, study, change, and development of the freedom of a related concept. More precisely, the concept of "free software", it means that users of the software have the four essential freedom:

The freedom to run the program, for any purpose (freedom 0).
Whatever you want to have the freedom to study how the program works, and change it (freedom 1). The software source code is a precondition for achieving this.
The freedom to distribute copies. So you can help your neighbor (freedom 2).
The way that the whole community benefits program development and release your improvements (and modified versions in General) released freedom (freedom 3). A prerequisite for this, access to the source code.

If a program is free software if users these freedoms. So, by changing or not changing, copies of paid or free, you must deploy any one of the free anywhere. Being free to do these things means (among other things), all of them to ask or pay for permission means that you have to do.

You can also make changes and use in your business or in your game these changes specifically their freedom should be in. When you publish your changes, there should be no need to notify anyone.

I mean the freedom to use a program, it is any individual or institution, on any computer system, for any business or developer to be able to use without having to communicate with one another. The purpose of this is not important, the user's freedom that matters; You, as a user you are free, and if you distribute it to someone else to run a program, and he is free to run the program for their own purposes, but you cannot force it to their own purposes.

Distribution of copies of the program, the program has been modified and unmodified source code for both as the binary or executable form must contain. (You can easily deploy Programs runnable with the installable free operating systems need to be) If a binary or executable a certain software makes creating the format (which some languages does not support this feature), then there is no problem; However, the program, when you find a way of getting any of these formats, you must deploy your program again.

Freedom to make changes and publish improved versions in order to have access to the source code of the program to become mandatory, it makes sense. Therefore, access to the source code, free software is a necessary condition.

make your own changes instead of the original version's freedom 1 version also includes you. If you run a program someone else made changes to the versions, but comes with a product designed to reject yours — this operation "tivolaştırma" 2 or (black list) is known as a "safe landing" — freedom 1 in practice would be a freedom will be a theoretical dream place.

One of the key ways to make changes to a program, available free subroutines and modules to combine. If the program's license says that you cannot insert into an existing partition, for example says that you must be the copyright holder of any code you add, then the license is too restrictive to qualify as free.

In order for these freedoms to be real, they must be irrevocable as long as you do nothing wrong; If you don't do anything that might cause a problem, the developer, has the power to change the license of the software, so that software is not free.

Despite this, a number of rules about deploying free software freedoms do not overlap, as long as the Centre is acceptable. For example, copyleft (very simply if we say) when you deploy software, in defiance of the other people's freedoms